June 15, 2009

Malaysian Chinese food

My brother invited us to dinner last week at a Chinese restaurant. In Malaysia, Chinese restaurants usually served a combination of Chinese dishes plus a fusion of Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes.

Here are some photos taken at dinner:


This is petai and prawns sambal (spicy condiment), which is extremely popular in Malaysia. Petai is a crunchy bean, and this dish is delicious with soft fluffy steamed rice. Wiki refers to petai as twisted cluster bean or stink bean. Beware that after eating petai, ones urine can smell rather unpleasant, but this only lasts for a short while (trust me, it is worth the trouble).


Chicken in soy sauce, plus watermelon. What a strange combination – but I wondered if they should eaten in the same mouthful. Hey, I trusted the chef and did not want to miss out on a good thing. I was wrong – unfortunately, it was a rather weird mouthful! The chicken was rather nice when eaten by itself. Everyone else at dinner ate the chicken with their main meal and left the melon for later.


I’ve never had Aussie Chinese food, but Jeremy tells me that this pork dish is like one – a starchy sweet and salty mix.


Malaysians love their condiment – which is usually a mixture of chilli with some spices or sauces or sambal. This is a close-up of sliced chilli padi (small chilli which is usually very spicy) with ginger, onion and vinegar.

We also had a few other dishes, but I was hungry and forgot about taking photos. :)

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Linda said...

I had a comment on my blog today that Malaysians love food. She thinks maybe my daughter has been eating her way around KL lol. It looked like it on her photo she posted on Facebook!

People make fun of Chinese Australian food. I was surprised when I first read about it. One restaurant in our hometown always seemed to put silverbeet stalks or chard stalks in the stews or stirfrys. We made a recipe the other day with pork and had no celery so added them, and I felt like I was back in my hometown eating Chinese!

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