June 17, 2009

Photos taken at The Aryani Resort, Terengganu

7 days of blissful and serene existence of having nothing much to do — what more can one ask for on a holiday. They even have internet in our room and wifi at the cafe at no extra cost — a bonus for those of us who blog and enjoy sharing our happy snappies with the world.


During the week, we spend a lot of time doing this,


and this. It’s a fantastic way to cool down.


They serve yummy Mee Bandung, a local speciality of noodles in spicy tomato sauce.


Beautiful fish (where are they?) pond with lotus plants.


The carved numbers (11) of our unit for the week (left) and a photo of their wonderful pool (right)


… and another one…


This is my art studio away from home, where the sea just 50 meters ahead (left). When we first arrived at the resort, they served us welcome drinks and keropok lekur, which is a local snack made of fish and flour (right). It is deep-fried, and the condiment is sweet chilli sauce. It doesn’t look good, but it was yummy. Keropok lekur is a popular snack amongst the locals. Roadside stalls sell it, and if you can find some nice ones, it’s heavenly with fresh coconut juice on ice :).

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Michelle said...

I'm reading this from my desk, at work. I'm soooo jealous

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