June 3, 2009

Rediscovering drawing - what fun!

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It's been really relaxing to be able to have the space in my mind to doodle... and I managed to complete a few pieces recently.

Here is a scan from a page of my sketchbook (right); a piece completed in pencil. I admired it and liked the drawing, but I asked myself, "now what?" It's such a bad thing to do, because I had had a nice time drawing. It's like having gone to a movie which we enjoyed, and then asking ourselves what we do now that we know what the movie is all about. Like... do we need to do anything?

Well, of course it gives us an opportunity to brag to or discuss with others. So even though I had a nice time drawing it, I decided to take to opportunity to do something else with it. And here's what it became... a piece of digital work, drawn in Adobe Illustrator! And then...


... I uploaded it to be printed on T-shirts. The T-shirts are 100% cotton. I've bought a few and they are very very very comfy. There are 10 glorious colours.... Click on any of the T-shirt below for more info.

3188929-7-looking 3188929-7-looking1 3188929-7-looking2 3188929-7-looking3 3188929-7-looking4

3188929-7-looking5 3188929-7-looking6 3188929-7-looking7 3188929-7-looking8 3188929-7-looking9

If you are keen to look at my range of T-shirt designs, please visit my my online shop at Redbubble.

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