June 25, 2009

So much to do... Food and non-food activities at Branscombe


Flowers, flowers, flowers – lots of them. That’s what I have always remembered about English countryside. I can go on, and on, and on taking photos of the many varieties of flowers in England, but I won’t. The above are just a few from the camera… There is so much more to do and things to take photos of.

For example, food, since our time here is often divided between seeking out food and not seeking out food. The former always involve food (of course!) and some related activities like drinking beer or cider (which I’m fond of while here in England). The latter involves some walking and looking at the countryside (sometimes blogging). Having established these 2 very clear-cut categories, let me start with category one.

Seafood at Masons Arms Hotel, Branscombe

Branscombe is the village with the longest main road, and it took us a while to find the pub. We went the entire length of the main road then arrived at the next town, before we realised we had gone too far and had to turn around. Country roads are very narrow, and that would sometimes mean a zillion points turn, and with some stopping and weaving around oncoming cars, we arrived only minutes before the kitchen closed. Phew!


We had only 4 minutes to order lunch. That was not difficult, since this is a seaside town, I decided on seafood. By process of elimination, I settled on the seafood stew. That was a good choice - really delicious. As usual, the serve was big – it had 2 varieties of fish and mussels, and came with a bowl of mash potatoes topped with cheese. I ate most of stew, washed down with cider, but did not manage to eat much of the potatoes (I remember thinking that I’d never eat again after this huge meal!)


Yummy fish stew with baked mashed potatoes

Jeremy and Chris both had the lemon sole topped with lobster pieces, and served with lobster sauce. They both seem contented.

Lemon sole with lobster and lobster sauce

Inside Masons Arms Hotel - Jeremy getting us our drinks: beer, cider and pimms

A walk after our big lunch

With full bellies and feeling slightly energised, we took a walk to the beach. It was a pleasant walk on this cool afternoon. Getting there, we walked along a narrow road, sharing it with cars. This may not be the safest choice (but not too bad since cars were only travelling at 20 mph or less) but we were up high with nice views. On the way back, we walked alongside green fields and across a small stream – much more pleasant.

Lovely cottages – not sure what the smoke was about

Rolling hills behind me

It took about 15 minutes to stroll to the beach. I had forgotten about the pebbled beaches of England. I find this rather unusual since most beaches I have been to are sandy.

Close-up of pebbles on the beach

Lovely green hills make a nice backdrop

Jeremy looking happy in the sun

More food and non-food activities later…

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