July 2, 2009

Beer and Lyme Regis, seaside towns in Dorset

It was all happening on the day we went to Beer (the name of a town by the beach, not the beverage). It was like being on a film set of a movie. There were rows and rows of beach boxes – some were occupied but most were not. Colourful striped beach chairs lined the pebbled beach. There was a group of men getting their boats set-up for a day out sailing. Beach stalls were having a good busy day of business selling food and drinks. It was a fantastic day for people watching.

Houses lining the streets of the hilly town

Open bay area

Beach chairs adding colours to the pebbled beach

More beach chairs, which did not seem popular with the public when this photo was taken

Devonshire tea on the beeach

People (including me) enjoying food, drinks, sunshine and people watching on the beach

On another day, we visited Lyme Regis. We were lucky that it was hot (yes, HOT!). It was busy with loads of people there enjoying the day out in the sun. We had a lazy afternoon; walked around the built-up beach area, took loads of photos, sat on the grass, had lunch and sat on the grass some more.

Busy day on the beach for sunbathers

Lots to take in. This artist is busy recording the scene on the beach.

Lunch at Hix Oyster and Fish House

The surrounding built-up area

Boats stranded in the harbour until high tide

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marianne said...

Oh wow so beautiful over there!
Must have been a wonderful time!

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