July 2, 2009

More food photos - lunch at Evershot, Dorset

This lunch reminded me of Sunday lunch in the country in Australia. We went to the Acorn Inn in Evershot, Dorset. It is a pretty building with window boxes, flowers and plants on the outside (pictured below).


I had their roast beef lunch, with Yorkshire pudding, which was – surprise, surprise (not) - a rather big serve with potatoes. The beef was pink and cooked beautifully, served with a red wine sauce. Very satisfying!

Jeremy had roast pork, with Yorkshire pudding, and Chris had fish. Everyone was happy with lunch :).

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

IMG_4356 IMG_4355
Roast pork (left) and fish (right)

Like most English villages around Dorset, that we have seen so far, Evershot is pretty with lovely flowers in front of the cottages, hanging flower baskets in all sorts of colours, and narrow streets.


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