December 19, 2009

Toy Run (3rd and final part)

I promise that this is the last post on Toy Run!

Continuing from:
Toy Run (Part 1) and Toy Run (Part 2)

 Toy Run is an event when motorcyclists get together to donate toys to underprivileged children. In Melbourne, the annual Toy Run was held last Sunday (13 December 09).

White toy dog © Evelyn Howard 2009 
A doggy came to support the event

Motorcycle Stunts © Evelyn Howard 2009 
This guy entertained us (don’t try these stunts at home)

Old motorcycle © Evelyn Howard 2009 
I don’t know anything about bikes, but this old bike has been restored and is really interesting – it’s got pedals!

Christmas decoration on bike © Evelyn Howard 2009 
Lastly, a festive photo of Santa and his gang on a bike.

And that is all the photos on Toy Run. Hope you enjoyed them.

Have a lovely weekend.


Diane AZ said...

I like the neat old restored bike with pedals and Santa with reindeer and sled on the front of a bike. :)

SJ said...

santa resting yea

A smile from SJ =)

wenn said...


diane said...

Thanks or your comment. Those bikes with an engine and pedals are mopeds. They have a lot in Europe but I have seen a few here too. Hope they got lots of toys.

Evelyn Howard said...

Thanks everyone for visiting and for your comments.

@diane: Thanks. This really is a vintage motorcycle.

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