January 10, 2010

Wagon Wheel Chocolate biscuit

Have you tried Wagon Wheels chocolate biscuits? They are delicious – marshmallows and jam, sandwiched between 2 pieces of chocolate coated biscuit.

Wagon wheel chocolate biscuit © Evelyn Howard 2010

I had trouble completing this digital piece. The biscuit in front of me smelled so good, I just wanted to eat it!


Diane AZ said...

I've never seen that kind of wagon wheel biscuit before, but it sure does make a yummy looking art subject. :)

wenn said...

yummy biscuits!

Tes said...

I think I've tasted a similar one called Chocolate Mallows. Oh those look good! :)

Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Awesome! I want to eat this up too!

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