August 16, 2010

Clothes Pegs sketch

 Clothes Pegs © Evelyn Howard 2010

This is my submission for Twenty Minute Challenge.

Ok, it’s a boring subject… I’ve had these pegs for a long time. I use them to make sure pages of my sketch books stay open, so that paint that I dab on doesn’t smudge while it dries. I wanted to paint the pegs before, but I could not find the motivation to finish a piece. So knowing that I only had to spend 20 minutes somehow made it easier.

I only have 4 pegs to play with, so once I got the composition right, I was happy. I finished drawing in 15 minutes, and spent the remaining 5 minutes on the white outline. Against my normal style, I had to work fast. The lines ended up uneven and I made a few mistakes. Overall I am happy with the piece – I think that I am slowly learning to live with imperfections.


☺lani☺ said...

Cool! Have a nice week!

michael said...

I'm amazed that you could do something so nice in 20 minutes.

Louis la Vache said...

It is always fun to see what you've come up with for the Twenty minute challenge.

«Louis» hasn't seen a real clothespin in years!

Francisca said...

I like this very much, not boring at all... the composition is so well balanced, and I like the brown, black, white combination. Do you do commission work, Evelyn?

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Good work! Work welldone! Please be kind to yourself. All of us are imperfect.
Cheers, wink, wink,

lisaschaos said...

Love it! It makes me think of my mom and grandma, hanging clothes on the line.

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