August 17, 2010

Join me for lunch in Osaka

As we approached the building, a kimono clad lady was waiting for us. She was expecting us as we had reservations for lunch.

Japanese tea © Evelyn Howard 2010© Evelyn Howard 2010© Evelyn Howard 2010

While we were settling in, we took in our surroundings and sipped our refreshing hot tea.

Japanese garden © Evelyn Howard 2010

The garden was beautiful in the rain. The main building is facing us in the photo. But we had a little room to ourselves…

Japanese room © Evelyn Howard 2010Wall mounted vase © Evelyn Howard 2010

Our little room was sparsely decorated with tatami mats on the floor. There was a low table and 2 chairs., and a simple but really lovely floral arrangement in a wall mounted ceramic vase.

 Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010

Yum, a beautiful dish to start with.

Then the rest of the dishes were served, one after another. I have forgotten what some of them were…

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010

 Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010 

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010 Sweet Ayu fish © Evelyn Howard 2010

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010

We enjoyed each and every dish. Although they were small, there were many. We were beginning to feel quite full at this stage. Then our sweet host told us that the next dish was the last. Ok, no problem. We can fit in another small dish.

Rice with bonito © Evelyn Howard 2010

It was a memorable last dish – rice in a lovely broth topped with bonito flakes. I can’t describe the wonderful taste, but I can remember it.

Japanese food © Evelyn Howard 2010 Sorbet © Evelyn Howard 2010

But wait, there’s more…. finishing with the wonderful sorbet on the right. Really refreshing.

Japanese dessert © Evelyn Howard 2010 Japanese green tea © Evelyn Howard 2010

And  more…  Japanese dessert with green tea.

Japanese tea © Evelyn Howard 2010© Evelyn Howard 2010© Evelyn Howard 2010 

More hot tea before the sweet host and her husband (the chef) bowed and waved us goodbye as we left in a taxi.



Sylvia K said...

Oh, what a wonderful place to eat and the food looks fantastic! Your photos are terrific and I'm suddenly hungry!! Hope you have a great week, Evelyn!


Siromade said...

Oh they look yummy and must taste so the photos it's really makes my mouth watering..

Luna Miranda said...

the Japanese presentation of their food is really an art. i love your photos--makes me hungry, too!:p

J Bar said...

Looks like a great lunch.
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BraCom (Bram) said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful food photos
I am hungry now :-)

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

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LadyFi said...

Oh, the Japanese do everything so delicately and beautifully. Lovely shots!

jabblog said...

The food is presented so beautifully, it would tempt anyone. Your photographs are wonderful.

Kaori said...

Mmm! The last dish is probably Ocha-zuke, which I absolutely love! Gorgeous photos of the lovely course, Evelyn!

noel said...


what a wonderful meal and visit, i can almost taste all these amazing dishes and i loved the presentation of each dish, it all looks amazing.

i'm curious to know how much a meal like this costs in dollars/euros?

thanks for sharing your meal with the world :)

lisaschaos said...

What nice surroundings too! looks like you don't go hungry there! Yum!

michael said...

Each of those dishes was a work of art. If they tasted half as good as they look that was a treat.

Kala said...

Beautiful presentation of the various foodstuffs.

Ana Goncalves said...

These dishes look incredible! And I'm so glad you had the opportunity to be experiencing such a beautiful place. You always make me hungry, in the greatest way. :)

Tammie Lee said...

oh wow and yum! I love all the dishes, much like my own, but mine are made by American friends.

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