October 27, 2010

Block Arcade in colour

I posted a photo of Block Arcade in black and white earlier. Here are a few in colour.

Block Arcade © Evelyn Howard 2010

Lots to look at from the floor to the ceiling…

Block Arcade © Evelyn Howard 2010

The design of the ceiling is different here. I see something delightful on the right…

Hopetoun Tea Rooms © Evelyn Howard 2010

A window display at Hopetoun Tea Rooms, which started in  the early 1900s. A special place for a treat – I have only been inside once a while ago. Maybe it’s time for a next visit :)


Kaori said...

Evelyn! These are great! Thanks for posting in color, too. I really loved the B&W, but I like the creamy colored walls and all the signs, too :-D

And those cakes? They're making my stomach growl...

London Caller said...

Lovely arcade.
Very Victorian. ;)

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Thank you for lovely photos. The earlier photo makes a good contrast to these photos. BTY, they remind me of QVB here in Sydney.
Cheers, Sadami

Evelyn said...

Hi Sadami
I love the QVB building - it's a beautiful building. Ahh, it feels like ages since I was in Sydney. I'd love to visit again. :)

Viola said...

That centre has got a beautiful ceiling! The rolls was baked by me, and yes they got quite soft, instead of milk I took beer (without alcohol) in it. The cat was painted by me, it's not my cat, it's taken from a cat book I have.. :) You are one of the persons that made me feel that I wanted to start to try to draw again....! :)) "So here I am.." ;)

Oh so many tempting cakes they have in the tearoom, they are so delicate! :)

Dani said...

This is lovely.

Love BW as well.


MarieElizabeth said...

I never met a tea room I didn't like! Those treats look lovely, do visit!

yoon see said...

Such luxurious treat!
How could I resist!

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