October 27, 2010

The neighbourhood food store (Sketch)

Food store sketch © Evelyn Howard 2010

It’s not a fancy place but it’s just 3 minutes away, located in a prime position next to public transport and the beach. It could be a lot fancier, with customers from the neighbourhood, local visitors that come to the beach and tourists.  But it has stayed pretty much the same over the years.

We don’t go there often. It is a little boring, although it is convenient. Another plus point is that it is a big place so you can sit for a while, and not feel like you have to leave when you finish your meal… I think I’ll go there for coffee, with my sketchbook this morning.

Hope you have a nice day.

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Viola said...

So fun and interesting painting!:)With many details in it! It's a good feeling that you can sit there even after you've eaten your meal or coffee.. so it should be! I mislike cafées where the staff comes to collect your cups once you've drunk up your coffee..!

Evelyn said...

@ Viola: Thanks. I agree. When the staff efficiently cleans up the table, I feel like it's a hint to leave... makes me feel a bit uneasy.

Kala said...

You sketch so well Evelyn - it looks like a charming little place.

Kaori said...

I love the tile wall in your drawing! Looks like a nice place :-D

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