October 15, 2010


 Daisies Sketch © Evelyn Howard 2010

Hope you are having a nice week. My week has been busy, but it’s okay since it is the good kind :). I have been drawing the last few hours, while cooking. I am realising that I haven’t got a lot of patience. I had to stop a few times. The break helps me to re-focus when I sit down to continue the piece.

Seaside Daisy © Evelyn Howard 2010

I was drawing from a photo of daisies I no longer have, but here is a photo taken a few days ago.

I love weekends. I had thought of going to the farmer’s market but it’s been raining. The prospect of having a nice day out is slim. We might just have a cosy weekend at home.

Have a great weekend.

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Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Cute, cute! So nice! Hahaha, it reminds me of Teri though. You, too, have a wonderful weekend!
Love and smile, Sadami

Viola said...

Wonderful drawing! Your drawings inspire me so much! Last night I even dreamt I was drawing myself, a girl on the mountain dragging a heavy wheel with a long shaft hanging over her neck, sort of a big wheel of an old tool I cannot explain.. I woke up and was thinking (and still I am..) maybe I should try to draw? I used to draw before.. Now that is many years ago.. :)
Who knows..
Well, have a nice night to you! :)

Evelyn said...

@ Sadami: I was also thinking of Teri!

@ Viola: :) Thanks. Maybe the dream is a sign for you to start drawing. Let's have fun drawing together!

Kaori said...

I love those daisies! It looks like a pattern I'd want on my wall :D

MarieElizabeth said...

I just love your work. And a cozy weekend at home sounds heavenly too!

Jingle said...

yes, best wishes for your weekend.
lovely post,
the flowers make me smile!

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