November 23, 2010

Hot chocolate and teddy bear

 It's great to be back. We had a nice week away living in a tent in a campside. As you can imagine, there wasn't much to do. I drew everyday and took some photos. I will upload photos and more drawings when I get organised.

Today, I have a couple of drawings from my sketchbook. I went to a chocolate shop and saw this lady (above) busy with her phone. She was facing me and was in the same position for a while. She was a good model.

This next drawing is of Julius, a bear living with my husband and I. We like teddy bears :).

Enjoy your day.

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Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
I'm very happy to hear you had a wonderful time. The two sketches are very lovely and my favorite style. Please keep up.
Kind regards, Sadami

reanaclaire said...

so u r back from your travels! i am sure u have many sketches to post up..

Leah said...

Great sketches!!

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