November 23, 2010

Wye River

My husband and I spent last week at a campsite in Wye River along the famous Great Ocean Road in Australia. I am uploading some photos taken last week and a few drawings.

Watery Wednesday: a watery photo to start…
Creative Every Day: To view drawings, please scroll down…

River_Reflection © Evelyn Howard 2010

Trees and sky reflected by a meandering stream

Wye River Big4 © Evelyn Howard 2010

There was not much to do but to enjoy nature…

Wye River Beach © Evelyn Howard 2010

Breathe the fresh air under a big sky.

Camping © Evelyn Howard 2010

This was home for a week (pictured left).

We enjoyed the simplicity of life here… We didn’t need much – just a tent over our heads, air mattresses and sleeping bags.

I spent most of my time drawing, taking photos, reading and studying Japanese. Here are a few friends we met…

Sheep © Evelyn Howard 2010

Ever seen a sheep with dreadlocks? He and his friend ate all day in their special area in the campsite, with long long grass.

Koala © Evelyn Howard 2010

Koala having a snooze. Koalas are noisy at night. The noises are like snoring; only many times louder.

Koala © Evelyn Howard 2010

A baby… Look Ma, no hands. I am not sure how it stays up there and not roll off the branch.Cafe Drawing © Evelyn Howard 2010

There was a lovely food store/cafe nearby and we ate there often.  It’s spring time in Australia but it was cold last week. There was a fireplace in the cafe and piles of wood.

Gypsy_pear_cider © Evelyn Howard 2010

This is a locally made pear cider which I enjoyed very much… I haven’t seen it anywhere else, but I will look out for it.

Beer_on_tap © Evelyn Howard 2010

There was beer on tap too, but it was pear cider for me every time we were there. The atmosphere was not so jolly, but rather quiet. :)

Hope you are having a nice week. More photos and drawings in the coming posts.


L.W.Roth, said...

I am really enjoying this trip from the comfort of home. Beautiful country and as usual, beautiful photographs and sketches. The tent would be out for us. It looks a little small for my Honey who still has claustrophobic nightmares of being caught in his sleeping bag when on bivouac in the army.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely place to camp. i love your watery images.

Birgitta - foto CHIP said...

The baby koala is so cute! Nice picctures of the landscape :)

Lesley said...

Who can resist an image of a cute koala?!
I really like your drawings. I often wish I could just sit at a cafe and draw my surroundings.

J Bar said...

Good shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing Evelyn - looks like you were having a good time

Still Waters

John said...

Beautiful shots.

Watery Wednesday

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Wow! What a wonderful post full of beautiful photos, drawings that make us happy! Thank you for sharing these lovely memories.
Cheers, Sadami

Kala said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to set up camp!

Kim, USA said...

Evelyn your shots are beautiful! Love it!
Watery Wednesday

Luna Miranda said...

beautiful shots! i enjoyed the wildlife and your drawings.:p

the first photo looks like an abstract painting.

Anonymous said...

So much to see in this post! I really like the reflections and the animals..and I just love your drawings! I'll come back and check out more of your work...:)

Viola said...

I enjoyed all your photos here! We also love camping life.. and we have a tent, nearly like yours.. :) Koala we don't have here.. But sheep we do have, but this one was special cute!! Reminds me of a song.. dreadlock holiday, I think the name of the song.. :)But forgot by who.. maybe 10CC.. Lovely nature, river, drawings!

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