April 28, 2011

More buildings

Buildings sketch © Evelyn Howard 2011

I love sunny days

Pink building © Evelyn Howard 2011

This building towers above many buildings… My husband had a chuckle. He said I should have added a watering can, coz it looks like the building is growing! LOL, I will have to work on my trees… :)

Hope you are having a nice week.


Dani said...
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diane b said...

The detail is amazing.

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
You did a great job! The watercolour paintings look so nice and colourful!
Cheers, Sadami

L.W.Roth, said...

You have brought out the best of an otherwise ho-hum city scape. A few branch/trunk indications in those trees and there you go.

Katie said...

These are beautiful! Do you draw from life?
It seems like it.

Evelyn said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for the tip. I will try that :).

Hi Katie
Yes, I was out enjoying the sunshine, and stopping when I can find a sunny and comfy spot.


Kala said...

I love the colors in the top drawing. Such a cheerful image!

Kat W said...

This pink skyscraper has a personality that seems to bring it to life. I could imagine it having a voice if it were used in animation. How fab! Looking around your blog I'm impressed and envious of your natural ability with perspective and detail - some wonderful buildings.

Kat :-)

Kaori said...

I love sunny days, too. Really like the bright colors you used in the first painting! And also hope to see the pink building once it's grown a bit more! lol. ;D

Francisca said...

Good stuff, Ev.

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