April 5, 2011

A vary narrow restaurant in Beijing

During lunch hour, there is a queue to get into this little restaurant. When you do get a seat, there is not much elbow room and the staff shouts your order from your table to the kitchen…. It’s all part of the experience of eating here and I love it.

Narrow restaurant Beijing © Evelyn Howard 2011

At the front, there are a two tables for 4 people. If there are just 2 of you, you must share your table with 2 others.

Narrow restaurant Beijing © Evelyn Howard 2011

Besides the 2 tables in front, there is a long bench facing a wall. This is where elbow space is limited. If you are right handed, and have to sit next to a person who is left handed, make sure you sit on his/her right.  Otherwise, you might end up with a slight chopstick fight throughout your meal… My husband is left handed while I am right handed.

Dumplings © Evelyn Howard 2011

During our first visit, we had dumplings. They were simple everyday fare…

Siew Mai © Evelyn Howard 2011

but yummylicious.


Sadami said...

Hi, Evelyn,
Very humorous post and nice shots(how could you take photos?) What a tiny space! But look too yammy...ah, not to read this post at a meal time.
Cheers, Sadami

Indrani said...

It is food that is attracting me. :)

dosankodebbie said...

Thank you for sharing this! Great photos! I feel like I'm squeezed in there along with the other customers. heh heh

diane b said...

Unbelievable little restaurant. Everyone looks happy and friendly but a bit squeezy.

Kaori said...

Great shot of everyone in the restaurant! Looks like a great experience and a yummy meal ;D

Anonymous said...

I've never seen such a narrow restaurant! The food looks good.

Francisca said...

YUM! In the 80s they sold hot jiaozi on the street and I survived on these, being cash poor!

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