June 19, 2011

Beijing Shop Reflections

Shop reflections © Evelyn Howard 2011

Reflection on the mirrored ceiling.

Shop reflections © Evelyn Howard 2011

Reflection on a pillar on the left.

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James said...

Awesome reflections! The top one is really cool!

Francisca said...

These are cool, Ev! I had to stare at the second one a while to see that the pillar was all mirror. Great how you lined up the angle, very clever.

Sadami said...

Hi, Evelyn,
Yeah~, Great photos! I love the first one most. Very nice angle, compo and COLOURs!!!
Cheers, Sadami

blee said...

lovely reflections!

nelleke said...

yes, you need to look twice or more, intriging! I love reflections, the world is twice as beautiful then :-)

Kala said...

I absolutely love the reflections in the top image!

L.W.Roth, said...

You have such a great eye for design Evelyn. Great photographs. How do you manage to publish them so large?

Evelyn said...

Thanks Linda
Not sure if this helps but I use Live Writer to publish my posts. I can specify the size of my images beforehand.

If you publish from blogger, you can also change the size of the images in the html.

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