September 21, 2011

A few people – sketches on the go

Artist drawing © Evelyn Howard 2011

This artist was sketching outside a coffee shop right in front of us – perfect for me, since I thought that he was going to be there for a while. But he was just finishing up, or maybe he didn’t want me to sketch him, and left quite quickly. If it was the latter, I’m sorry, Mr Artist, to have been a nuisance. I love your beret, by the way.

Listening to music © Evelyn Howard 2011

We took a little trip from San Francisco to San Diego again. Many flights (including ours) were delayed… So there was more sketching time. Airports are good for people sketches I think. This guy stayed in the same position for quite long.

Man sleeping © Evelyn Howard 2011

I enjoyed sketching this man. He was obviously very tired, and had a little snooze while waiting.

Drinking Beer Sketch © Evelyn Howard 2011

Sketching at lunch in Sausalito, which is located north of San Francisco. We went there on a ferry, and had a lovely afternoon. Photos later!

Have a nice week.


Anonymous said...

What a great little piece of the artist sketching an artist! Fun!!

Like the other ones too.

Your comment about my antelope gave me a mischievous grin- thank you!

Lúcia said...

Cool series Evelyn!
I wish I was lucky to sit on the same coffee shop you went!
I think flights are too boring, I wouldn't be a good source of inspiration...
Looking forward to see your shots. :)

Sadami said...

Beautiful!! I love your sketches. Keep up!

Marius Barbu said...

Nice sketches! Some of these people enjoy a good sleep!

stardust said...

Wonderful sketches! I like people-watching. If the reason was the latter, he must have learned how it was to be sketched. So, how would you react if you were in his situation?

Have happy days ahead.

yoon see said...

Love your sketches Evelyn.
All with great characters, I especially love the 2nd and 3rd piece with their appealing vivid colours on!

Happy weekends in advance and thank you for your kind words.
See you!

Kaori said...

I bet you never get bored waiting for delayed flights with a talent like yours! Great colorful sketches :D

L.W.Roth, said...

Evelyn you really get down to it with a minimum of strokes. Very admirable. I love your vibrant color choices in addition to the simplicity.

Evelyn said...

> Yoko
I think if I see another artist drawing me, we'd probably end up having a conversation :). But I guess not everyone is like me.

Thanks everyone for dropping by. Appreciate your comments.

Viola said...

I can see you had good fun! :)) You are very clever in making sketches! And I like the first sketch here a lot! And you made it well, even if he left too fast..!

Great fun! :)

Evelyn said...

Hi Viola
Thanks :). Yes, it was a lot of fun.

origa-me said...

Love the 2D,3D look of the first one, nice.

nelleke said...

nice sketches, my favourite is the man with the yellow background

Francisca said...

I find it curious and amazing how we can "sense" someone looking at us. Maybe the artist in the nice beret did sense you... but if so, being a fellow artist, too bad he didn't just acknowledge and nod to you. I agree with the others, your talent keeps you well occupied during otherwise boring waits.

Kala said...

I love how you sketched another artist doing his work! The beret is fabulous too.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Oh, I would love to be sketched by you Evelyn. Another lovely series!

Geri Centonze said...

love these, were they done on an ipad?

Evelyn said...

Hi Geri
Thanks - yes, there were done on a ipad (brushes application).


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