September 28, 2011

More San Francisco photos

San Francisco © Evelyn Howard 2011

A marina in San Francisco on a lovely day.

ALcatraz Island © Evelyn Howard 2011

Alcatraz  Island is seen in the background.

Watery Wednesday  : please click the link for more posts.

Toast with figs and walnut © Evelyn Howard 2011

Changing direction slightly… here’s a yummy breakfast I had the other day. Delicious yet simple to make – fresh figs, walnuts and mascarpone cheese on top of toasted chunky bread, drizzled with honey.

Pull pork roll © Evelyn Howard 2011

Dinner one night was pulled pork in a roll, with coleslaw on the side. It was very enjoyable but strongly flavoured. All my taste buds were stimulated!

San Francisco shop © Evelyn Howard 2011

Bought the pull pork roll from this shop – I love the  funky decor.

Vietnamese coffee © Evelyn Howard 2011

Lastly, have you tried Vietnamese coffee?

In the above photo, a metal container sits on top of a sieve, which are both placed on top of a glass on the left. Grounded coffee is placed in the metal container, and hot water is poured over the top. The coffee slowly drips into the glass which has sweetened condensed milk.  When all the coffee has dripped into the glass, give it a stir, and it’s ready. It’s different from the usual regular coffee or lattes, but extremely delicious.

Hope you are all having a nice week.


Kim, USA said...

Haven't tried Vietnamese coffee does it taste good? The food looks very yummy and your water photos are awesome!

Watery Wednesday

Evelyn said...

Hi Kim, Thanks.
Yes, very good - I love it. Do try it if you get a chance.

LĂșcia said...

Wow, that breakfast looks delicious!!! :)
Nice shop too, is Nut House the name of the place or the sign is just for decoration?

Evelyn said...

Thanks Lucia,
I just noticed the sign in the photo. No, the place is called Hyde Away Blues BBQ - quite a cool name I think.

dosankodebbie said...

I won't be able to get that photo of the fig, walnut, cheese breakfast out of my head until I can satisfy the craving it has induced in me. I'm DOOMED!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The figs look absolutely delectable. Yummy!


Water in a drop of rain,
Water swirling down the drain;
Water clinging to the trees,
Water filling up the seas;
Water frozen, water free,
Water is the stuff for me!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Fountain of a Famous Man

Indrani said...

Something like the filter coffee we have here in South India.

MarieElizabeth said...

I think I would love that coffee!

Sadami said...

Ohhhhh!! Evelyn,
Your landscapes are always beutiful...and food are TOO attractive!

Luna Miranda said...

no visit to Sfo is complete with a stroll at the Fisherman's Wharf. mouth-watering breakfast!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Exquisite shots!!! The reflections of the boats on the bay are so amazingly detailed. Great colors and love the Alcatraz shot.

chubskulit said...

Vietnamese food sounds enticing!

Morning Dew Kisses

Evelyn said...

> dosankodebbie
:) I hope that you will try it. and hopefully find it satisfactory. Let me know!

> Magical Mystical Teacher
Thanks - what a beautiful poem.

> Thanks everyone, I will come by and visit you soon.

Marius Barbu said...

I like the San Francisco marina and also to eat and drink :)

Emille said...

Love the harbor! And that yummy breakfast! Happy WW!

Riet said...

That breakfast looks delicious with the honey on top.
Have a nice day

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I have a song in my mind 'bout now===="I left my heart in San Francisco"......

Great photos. Oh, and the food.....yum!!

My link: Baltimore Orioles

This is an open invitation to stop by and view, if you can find time.

Happy Wednesday.

stardust said...

Your breakfast made my mouth water - I love figs and cheese. I often gain weight during my trip. How about you?


EG Wow said...

Wow, Evelyn! You sure do travel! Nice photos of San Francisco. :)

Evelyn said...

Thanks everyone :)

> Yoko
Thanks. I don't think I've put on weight this trip. Maybe because the food is not so dissimilar to what we get in Australia.

Haha, I gained weight when I was in Japan though, because my husband and I just love Japanese food. We had big meals everyday, determined to experience all there was to offer! No regrets though. I enjoyed each and every meal.

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