March 23, 2009

Real Tennis and eating in Ballarat

IMG_3568IMG_3571IMG_3573These photos were taken in and around the Ballarat Real Tennis Club. I love the little door handle which was part of a tennis racket (bottom pic).

We were there for the club's 25th anniversary celebrations, which included a real tennis tournament lasting 3 days. It was a handicap doubles tournament. Jeremy and I were partnered with other people but both of us did not go beyond the first round :( unfortunately.

As always , we checked out the local eateries. Dinner at the Phoenix Brewery was very very nice. Breakfast/brunch was at L'Espresso - I had scrambled eggs with cumin and pancetta. It was beautiful with a hint of cumin coming through now and again - yumm!

The club anniversary dinner was held on Saturday night at Sovereign Hill. We were taken into a "mine" (not really one but it was underground and we had to get into a tram to be taken there through a pitch black tunnel) for drinks before dinner. The "mine" was a space of about 12x12 sq meter - rather small with no windows obviously. The novelty wore off after a little while... but thankfully we were only there for a short while before dinner started. Dinner was at ground level! I enjoyed going to Sovereign Hill - although we did not see much of the place, it was a nice location for a event, especially when the guests are from out of town.

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