May 26, 2014

Some recent sketches

I came by to this blog today because a friend has asked me for some photos. I am surprised to see a number of people are still following this blog :). Thanks.

I have been posting lots of artwork on my new blog; here are a few recent ones:

Hope you are all well.

January 28, 2013

A few creative projects

Happy New Year 2013.

I’ve been away for a bit, been busy with creative projects as usual. Hope you are all doing ok! Here are some recent projects.

Journaling/Sketches around Melbourne


People sketches – these were people in a cafe

Outdoor Building Sketch

Outdoor drawing – a building in Melbourne CBD.

DIY Book Cover



I purchased some blank books and started drawing the covers myself. I have completed 2 so far… The one on the left uses mainly text, while the one on the right has a festival theme. They are both completed with ink, paint and collage.

DIY Concertina book

DIY Concertina BookDIY Concertina Book

I have just completed a concertina book – what fun.

It was not difficult:

Part 1: Gluing  the pages

Part 2: Completing the book

I hope everyone has been well, and have had a great start to the new year.

September 3, 2012

The journey here ends

Sketch of man's back
It’s been over 4 years. All good things will eventually end…
Please join me at my new blog to celebrate a new beginning, and find new adventures.

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